Italian Restaurant Windsor

Catering Windsor

Mezzo Ristarante & Lounge is truly a breath of fresh air! Michael Barlozzari and Filip Rocca have succeeded in bringing their restaurant /lounge, Mezzo, to the forefront of the region's culinary scene. The concept is on the cutting edge of fine dining and provides an incredibly unique experience. As you
step through the doors you will be awed by the design and décor of the restaurant. Obviously upscale, the atmosphere is inviting and comfortable. The ambiance and styling of Mezzo are enough to set it apart, yet when combined with excellent service and extraordinary food, the experience is second to none.
This mosaic of ultra modern style, exceptional service and “Nouveau Italian” cuisine are what has given Mezzo its reputation as one of the region's finest restaurants. Mezzo translates to “middle”, the restaurant is located in the heart of Erie St. in Windsor,Ontario,Canada andifyouchoosetovisitthelounge,patioorrestaurantyouwillnot be disappointed. The hard working staff have Mezzo open from lunch at 11 right through to dinner and into the night. Mezzo has earned the accolades of many, and continues to strive for ensured success.

Catering Windsor


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